I feel like having a way to complain about moderator activity that we don't understand or agree with would be helpful. Like, what avenue should a user take if they feel like a moderator has made a mistake, and they want to report it? I guess the rules say to PM a mod, but it seems like that would make it really easy to brush off what a user is saying. It would be easier if we could discuss specific mod decisions in the open so these resentments don't fester and become more than they are.

How much power does each moderator individually have? Does more than one have to agree on a decision for it to be followed through with or can a single moderator make a decision without any kind of oversight? Also, on posts where mods slam down the hammer, it would be helpful if they quote exactly which rule they are concerned about. Some rules about tone (rudeness, hate, topics the mods police that aren't specifically abusive) are very subjective.
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