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I like straight hair with natural straight people. I myself stopped flat ironing my hair 2 months ago (after 15 years of flat ironing every day). I had way too much hair to straighten and comb and after a couple of minutes my hair would look poofy, big and not cared for...

Now I like my curvy waves (2cish) a loooot better than my flat ironed hair... It looks more healthy, better cared for (although I only spend half the time on it compared with when I flat ironed) and less poofy...
I don't think I would ever return to flat ironing and damaging that hard...
(and I still get remarks every day on my hair as: woow, did you curl our hair? It's sooo pretty... I then answer: nope, before it was fake, now it's my real hair)

So: i like natural straight hair, but not straightened hair, and especially not my hair when straightened...(although at that time I thought it was the best way I could get my hair
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