I feel like having a way to complain about moderator activity that we don't understand or agree with would be helpful. Like, what avenue should a user take if they feel like a moderator has made a mistake, and they want to report it? I guess the rules say to PM a mod, but it seems like that would make it really easy to brush off what a user is saying. It would be easier if we could discuss specific mod decisions in the open so these resentments don't fester and become more than they are.

How much power does each moderator individually have? Does more than one have to agree on a decision for it to be followed through with or can a single moderator make a decision without any kind of oversight? Also, on posts where mods slam down the hammer, it would be helpful if they quote exactly which rule they are concerned about. Some rules about tone (rudeness, hate, topics the mods police that aren't specifically abusive) are very subjective.
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Actually, I changed my mind. I'll respond right now. You bring up some really good questions, rainboe, and even though I always prefer to make announcements because the same questions pop up multiple times in multiple places in this forum, I realize and admit that a delayed response is better for me from an admin/full time job point of view, but not always favorable for you as a CurlTalker. Definitely don't want things to fester!

So please feel free to reference and share this as my response:

1) Please do not start a thread or comment somewhere publicly on CurlTalk to complain about moderation. The rules state to contact the mod if you desire an explanation or further clarification. The rules also state that mods provide warnings before things like banning and deletion of content happens. This is in cases were emergency deletion isn't required. Because believe me, sometimes I just have to pull the plug on disgusting things...

You can also contact me. My email is evelyn@naturallycurly.com. I am available 9am-5 or 6pm CST, but sometimes I lurk here after that just because that's the nature of the job. Openly complaining (to who?) about moderation only gets people who are not involved with the situation riled up. Old wounds, hurt feelings, etc etc. all snowball into personal attacks, guaranteed. Every time. We would like to keep a discussion about a certain instance of moderation between the mod, me, and the CurlTalker it concerns.

2) The mods and I discuss moderation, yes.

3) I agree that we should cite which rule we are enforcing. If that hasn't happened, contact the mod (and I) via PM and ask. I receive emails that maturely and calmly ask for an explanation, and in those instances, I am more than happy to provide answers in a timely manner.

4) Perception of "snarkiness" and tone is subjective, you are absolutely correct. All moderation is at our discretion. We do keep tabs on the entire thread for context, because we know context is important. Our job is to ensure this environment is a pleasant place to be. Short of letting everything slide completely, there is no way I can guarantee to you that my perception of tone will align with your personal perception of it. You might think something is "specifically abusive" and I simply do not, but my job is to make you feel safe if you've been attacked, not to worry if the other person agrees that what they did was abusive per se. Hope that made sense...
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