I have waited 6 weeks for my okra gel ("Mudd") from Botticelli Botanicals on etsy (ridiculous wait time, I know). But, this stuff is soooo good!!!!!! I used it over my leave-in, and slathered a bunch on until it felt like seaweed. I topped with a little dab of HETT gel, because I didn't know how the hold would be. Omg, I can't say enough about how fabulous my hair looked and felt today!!!!! Clumps, volume, frizz reduction, hold....I had IT ALL. I did notice it took longer to dry, and I also had to SOTC, but I am thrilled!

For next time, I either need to figure out how to make this myself, or be sure to order it 6 weeks before I need it again. I'll be studying the recipe posts again!
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