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AHHHHHH!! I did not post this to start an arguement...I posted it to be funny! To me it is funny because of all the advice is so different...and yes it can overwhelm a new mom.

CGNYC, If you had the first child...I had the second one. I tried all the advice..and Chas did not sleep through the night once until he was 18 months....and was not consistent until after age of 2. My daughter...slept 5 hours after having her home for 2 weeks...

RCW, you have had some awesome should consider being a baby nurse... I swear in some sleep book this lady talked about being a baby nurse I think...going into homes in Britain to help moms with issues after the baby came home. I would have loved to have that...I didn't have the breastfeeding issues...but sleep issues is another story.
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