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Here's your chance to stock up on one of the best hennas available on the market today at a crazy affordable price!

While supplies last!

Please note - The remaining stock of Summer 2010 BAQ Jamila Henna is in 100g foil pouches. However, they are NOT boxed and wrapped in cellophane.
This is still the same BAQ Jamila Henna direct from the manufacturer in foil, date stamped, and also imprinted with 'Premium Quality Jamila Henna 2010' in red on the foil.

No other discount coupon codes will work with the Jamila henna product during this sale.
Free Shipping over $60 for US orders will still apply.
BC: June 16th 2010
TYPE: 4a/b; color treated, nml-high porosity; fine w/ med density
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OMG my hair wets when water touches it!

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