Hey y'all --

no worries i know you're not trying to be snarky Guide63 is correct. Let me offer some background, clarification.

The purpose of that rule is to prevent advertising. If the clicking of a link generates income, or the site is a business that profits you or your family, please do not put it in the signature or start a thread about it. We just make this an all around rule. That clearly prevents a big brand like Miss Jessie's (just an example!!!) from coming here selling products, but that also does trickle down to someone's etsy shop which is very small by comparison. We do not want to have to make that decision every single time of "who is too big of a corporation". Because at what point does someone's Etsy shop become poppin'? How much profit has to be made for it to be considered spam/advertising? So our rules just state to do none of it.

For example, I am the marketing assistant here but I do not post CurlMart's sales. CT isn't the place for me to advertise. But if I want to show you which store in the mall I got my new headband, that is okay. If that's MY store, that is not okay.

The clarification is not about Etsy=no and Macy's=yes -- it's about WHO the Etsy link is for. If you profit from people purchasing things in that Etsy shop, please share that link with all interested future customers via a private message.

About selling product samples on the boards: CurlTalk is not a place to sell products. Soliciting can happen in the way of linking to something you'll profit from, but also literally handling business on the boards (outside of a the product swap board scenario).

Did that clear it up any? The rule is to prevent a moderator from having to make a judgement call every single time a business link is posted.

keep 'em coming if you have any other Qs i can A. lol
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