Thanks for the further info. I understand the point of the rule.

However, I still really don't understand how me linking to an Etsy shop that I am in no way affiliated with and make no money from (and, for the sake of this hypothetical, this isn't a shop that any poster on the boards makes money from it either) is not allowed, but I can link to Macy's. I make no money from linking to the Etsy shop, and I make no money from linking to the Macy's shop. Someone does, but I don't know them. But it seems to me that there is a categorical ban on any Etsy links, and yet there is no similar ban on Macy's links.

Am I correct in stating that I cannot link to an Etsy shop that I have zero connection with and yet I can link to a Macy's item when I have no connection to Macy's?
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Ah, I see. You are incorrect. You can link to an etsy shop that you have zero connection to because you have zero connection to it. You do not profit from it. It's not your family business that profits from it. You are sharing useful information with your CT friends.

to quote myself lol:
The clarification is not about Etsy=no and Macy's=yes -- it's about WHO the Etsy link is for. If you profit from people purchasing things in that Etsy shop, please share that link with all interested future customers via a private message. Social Media + Community Manager | | Happy To Be Nappy | Kenyan With The Slowest Mile Time | Magical Black Girl