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Question CG-Friendly Mousse Recommendations?

Alright! So, I am looking for a good mousse for my 2b/c, fine, low-med porosity hair. I am not worried about getting definition. I love my loose-ish curls/waves just the way they are. I have a problem with frizz and lack of volume. Gels DO NOT work on my hair. I have tried SO many and they cause my waves to sag and look flat. Even the lightest gels such as HETT...

One mousse I've had good results with is Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly. I've had decent results with Pantene Curly Mousse as well, but it isn't quite as good as the HETMS.

Basically, what I want is more frizz control and volume. Any one have any recs.?
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