You all are going to make me try Curl Rehab again lol. All I have to say is it had better have been a bad batch I tried out the last time lol. But yes, in the protein free category it seems to be number one for a lot of people.

ETA: @ Reeky, you know I think you may have point concerning balanced deep conditioners. Recently I have decided I don't necessarily need to do a deep treatment every week. This is because my hair has been holding moisture pretty well, it passes the stretch test pretty consistently and breakage has been at a minimum. Given this it may be time to incorporate balanced DC'S. Deep conditioners that can do moisture and protein at the same issue is I really like them to do it at the same time, as in I don't like to have to do a separate moisturizing treatment. I am about to receive the BASK whiskey hair soak. We will see how that goes...


You never stop learning...

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