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Default Droopy hair... Protein, buildup, weather or hair too long?

My hair has been looking droopy lately... I know usually this means a PT so I did one. My hair is still meh. Added NPF to my conditioner. A bit better, but still not loving it. Since i recently started using MO to seal and i also use a 'cone, Im thinking I may need to add a sulphate 'poo so i bought yes to cucumbers. I have yet to try it because I never had buildup before. The weather is horrible and damp so Im wondering if this could be a factor as well. Finally, my hair has gotten so long. Its just hanging there and Im thinking this may also be causing the blah hair days. Oh and I also straightened my hair last week, blow dried and flat ironed. Did I fry my hair So i have a whole bunch of variables, and I have no idea where to start. If i had my way I would start by changing the weather lol.
Any suggestions would be appreciated curlies
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