It is such a mixed message to tell kids that simulating sex to music is ok, but having sex before they get married is not. I'm really surprised that's the stance you'd take.
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But it's not simulating sex to music - it's JUST DANCING. Kids don't necessarily see it that way at all. Just because the pelvis area is involved doesn't mean that the person is actively having sexual thoughts.

Furthermore, "western" culture is kind of the opposite... dancing a certain way is not OK, but teen sex is fine. As long as they use a condom. So that's not a mixed message?

Cultural dancing doesn't lead to sex. You can be a skilful dancer and abstain from or be selective about sex. Dancing a certain way doesn't mean you'll be promiscuous or sexually precocious. One has nothing to do with the other. Dancing is dancing and sex is sex. Obviously, I wouldn't want my 12 or 13 year old having sex and that will be clear regardless of how they dance.
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