i have shea butter its 100% and dark yellow and it does my hair and skin so good, but it STANKS. like the smell is very heavy and it doesnt go away. the smell is so rancid it even makes my head hurt. i tried to mix heavily scented oils in it but the smell still prevailed. i was going to toss it but it does wonders for my twist outs.

does your shea butter also smell horrible? if not where do you purchase it? please, i would like to know!
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I know they say the unrefined products are the best because they have more nutrients and have not been bleached... So, it may be an issue of what you are looking for in your product (vitamin/nutrient-wise)also.

I think they all have an odor, but I usually buy the Nasabb.com Shea butter and I think it does kinda smell like chocolate, in the way that cocoa butter does, so not sure if this will help, but it's one of the best Shea butters on the market if it matters any other way.

Good luck!