Hey, Im sorry to hear you're having such trouble with your hair!

You need to try castor oil and almond oil. The thought of putting oil in your hair might not appeal to you, but please trust me, this works miracles.
Go to a health store and buy natural "Sweet almond oil" and "castor oil". Get in the shower and rub the two through all of your hair. Let it soak in for a while (during the length of your shower or even get out and put it in a shower cap for a while then rinse out later). Then give it a good rinse out with water. You don't need to shampoo but can if you'd rather.

Sweet almond oil is packed with vitamin E which is what makes your hair grow , and grow thick.
The combination of the two is miraculous. Give it a go, you'll have super healthy hair.
(p.s. google the two if you want more info)
good luck

(though id heed the advice of the other posts here and, as well as doing this, make sure its not a health problem. )

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