I'm bumping this one because I'm looking for a new styling product and people recommended the souffle. I'm a bit scared though because my hair hates oils (which is why I have an almost full bottle of CCCL) and I've heard that shea butter is rather heavy (my hair gets weighed down easily.

I have done my research but I'm still in doubt whether I dare taking the risk. It's even more difficult to get than KCCC (I live in the Netherlands), so I'm wondering whether I'm going to try the souffle (I mean, I could use some moisture, so I'm thinking about just trying it and see whether it has the right balance for me) or whether is should get KCCC first as it sounds as if this is almost a miracle product for a great variety of curlies. Perhaps I can make my own FSG (I've never done that) and use that with the KCCC.

Anyway, my questions are:
- Does the souffle provide hold?
- Does it provide moisture?
- Does it weigh down your hair or is it light?
- Does it help with clumping?
- How about crunch?
- Can I use it alone?
- Any other things I should know as a low porosity, fine curly with easily weighed down hair?
Originally Posted by Lauraimes
Hold, yes. Some people complain too much hold. I don't find that to be true AT ALL, but them my porous hair makes it so a lot of harder hold gels aren't that "hard" on my hair.

Moisture, yes.

I would say its fairly light, as long as its used on very wet hair and in smaller amounts. It's very concentrated.

Clumping - definitely!

Crunch? Not for me, but others have said yes. (Again, if you don't use it on very wet hair you'd have more issues there, I'd think.)

Whether you can use it alone or not is going to depend on how your hair reacts to it. In the higher dews I've had less luck with it. I think if I tried it over less LI (and a lighter LI), it would be better.
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