I'm interested to hear Fifi's opinion of the dispatcher's actions from a dispatcher's point of view.

But I'm disappointed. I feel that the dispatcher should have been more caring.
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I have not heard the audio of either call (will listen when my phone will behave) , but did just read the thread and transcripts of the call.

Yes, it is your job to remain calm and you are trained to speak in more of a monotone voice when dealing with someone hysterical. It can absolutely come across as detached, and when it comes to specific types of calls that you deal with often, you do become detached. It is how you remain sane. It is also a top priority to verify the address. If they say 2207 and you show they are calling from 2210, you have to keep asking until you figure out why that is. You can get in trouble if you do not verify.

Okay, again I have not heard the audio (I have not even heard it on news coverage I have watched) so I can't say how the dispatcher sounded but I am more concerned with what the dispatcher did not ask. The first thing out of my mouth, after finding out if she was safe at the moment, would have been... Who kidnapped you? Physical descriptors? Etc. The fact that the dispatcher did not ask this right off shows that he was either slammed and it took him a minute to get his head on straight, or did not believe her. When a dispatcher is slammed, you have to prioritize or basically triage the calls depending on what you have going on, at that very moment. If the dispatcher had CPR on the other line, this would in fact be bumped down to a lower priority. In larger cities they normally have a dispatcher working police alone. I do not know if that is the case here, but if so, a gun shot on the other line or robbery in progress would be higher priority. I personally still would have kept her on the line, even if I had to place her on hold, and came back in when I could to get more info. Speak to an officer/tell it to an officer is a common brush off technique used when you are very busy and just can't do everything.
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