I'd would like to know what other calls the dispatcher had going on, and hear the audio. I think someone said you could hear a great deal of background noise, which is a pretty good indicator that they were busy. Any number of calls could be listed as a higher priority at that moment due to the caller being in a different location and not in immediate danger. That is the way it works. If you have a woman on the other line being beaten by her husband, and she is hiding in the closet... Higher priority, at that moment. Still, as I said, I would have kept her on the line. If I could not get back to her, I would make sure someone else did and of course get officers headed that way a.s.a.p. That is #1.

I am so glad they found them and that they are all now safe from physical harm. It is astounding that they are alive.
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Something came out late last night that said the Cleveland authorities are investigating whether the 911 operator handled the call appropriately. They said she asked the appropriate questions but there were procedural things such as staying on the line that she didn't follow.
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Oops, she. I need to hear the audio.

Yes, the correct questions were asked but not in a good order. Lots of "tell it to the cops" before they were asked. If you can get physical and/or car descriptors it might help officers stop or pick up the suspect on the way to the call.

Now, dispatchers are allowed to disconnect a call if they have calls of a higher priority on the other line. You typically try to avoid it in some situations, but emergency disconnect is allowed. It will all depend on what else was going on.
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