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I think it might be a high powered microscope but nothing extremely sophisticated. LCLF doesn't analyze the scalp or give any information on scalp health so I don't think they use a trichoscope or anything...but they don't say.

I did the LCLF analysis and found it generic. I'm waiting on the Komaza consultation call which will be on Wednesday finally! After that I'm thinking of doing a hair mineral analysis which tells you if you're low/normal/elevated on a ton of minerals. My hair is fine and gives me zero problems, I'm just so stinkin' curious
Thanks, I am going to do the Komaza Care analysis at some point, it sounds really detailed and fascinating. I really need to know how much 'old' abused hair I have left that is not salvageable long term and how much of the 'new' CG/ cared for hair is reasonably healthy. Apparently Komaza Care will tell you about the difference between root area and ends not just an overview of porosity..
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