First, I apologize for my rambling and the length of this as I try to sort out my thoughts lol.

So I have been getting good curl lately, and I have done a couple of PT in the last couple weeks (gelatin) so I am figuring that has something to do with it, as well as plopping, and just touching it less. In that time I have adjusted my technique and products a bit day by day trying to find the right combo for me and had a few good days and a few not great days. I can't quite narrow down the issues though.

Take today for example. I did a clarify, followed by a RO, and then a gelatin PT. Then I did another RO (leaving it for a little longer since I was skipping a DT) and an acv rinse. After that I put a little of my RO as a LI and plopped. Then I had great clumps and curls so I tried to put a very little bit of gel in to hold it better but as usual it separated my curls too much getting it in and I feel like caused more frizz. Even though the curl is there and looks good it's sort of dry and poofy and there is plenty of frizz (not sure if this is from the scrunching I did or the lack of a better defining product or moisture?)

The part I can't figure is why it looks so dry. Last time I did a PT and followed with a DT and the results were not good. I had clarified that day as well, but not done an acv at the end. My hair was virtually straight that day, so I figured maybe it was too much moisture, hence why I didn't do the DT this time. I have been using my Biolage Conditioning balm most days this past week (or sometimes Aussie 3MM) and on those days using it as a LI as well in place of the Biolage LI sealing cream I had that was less CG friendly. I felt like it was doing a good job of adding moisture, but then it leaves me with very soft curls without definition, which LOOK very dry. I just can't tell if they are and if I need a better moisturizer or if I just need to find a better styling product to add back defnition. (I realize I am not really using anything at this point since I have only tried the gel a couple times and not loving it thus far).

The last day I had a great hair day, as in defined moist looking curls was about a week ago and I had just done a low poo, 3MM, and acv rinse. Followed with the Bio Seal LI and plopped with very little touching. It was great, but at the same time that day I felt like it needed better hold. It was the day after doing the PT/DT that didn't turn out so well on the actual day.

Then a couple days ago I did a sulfate free poo that has some protein, used my Biolage balm a RO and then again with a little ACV and rinsed, then again with a little more for a LI. Plopped and things looked great, but a bit soft/less defined maybe. It was a low frizz day though which was great unlike today.

I am for sure thinking I need a styling product to hold and define, but my problem is how I would get it in there without messing up curls and causing frizz. I am finding anything I add after my LI step (which I am doing on super wet hair while still in the shower and barely touching my hair to do so) breaks them up and leaves the frizz. Scrunching seems to be a NO for my hair in particular. And I am wondering if I am able to determine moisture or lack there of properly. It feels ok when I touch it, but looks dry and I am wondering if that is just from the frizz and lack of definition. I hope this doesn't sound to vague and all over the place and maybe someone can relate. I am keeping a hair journal detailing exactly what I do each day so I can better pinpoint things but it's not as easy as it sounds lol.

All I know so far is that my hair seems to like the effects of the acv for sure as both of my most recent good hair days involved it, but after that I just don't know. It may like protein, but at the same time I can't seem to get good results the days I do the treatments and not sure why. I wonder how tomorrow will be.