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1. I generally cleanse my hair daily (minus a rare lazy day ponytail or if I oversleep and just use a headband). I workout six days a week- high intensity weight training in the morning before work (plus started running), and martial arts 3-4 days/week for up to 3 hours a day. My roots and scalp get sweaty, dirty and gross. I also don't care for my second day hair.

2. I use a variety of cleansing products. I have a very gentle, protein packed, pH balanced sulfate shampoo that I use before my PT/DT and will also use once every week or so if I want guaranteed awesome hair for a date or something. I have a couple of low-poos that I'm unsure about repurchasing because I find my sulfate shampoo is more gentle. I have three cleansing conditioners, will probably only keep repurchasing one. I can survive strictly on cleansing conditioner and occasional sulfate use if I wanted to. I also have one very light conditioner for traditional cowashing. I use what I think my hair needs each day (extra moisture vs extra cleansing, if I used cones the day before, etc)- I don't have a set schedule.

3. I rotate through way more products that I need because I'm a product junkie. I love to try new stuff, although I'm finally becoming more selective based on ingredients. My hair is very agreeable, so it does well with pretty much anything. Like I said above, I could reduce my stash to CHS Treatment Shampoo (sulfate), a cleansing conditioner with coco betaine (DevaCARE No-Poo would be the likely winner since it's one that I can get on the ground), and VO5 Vanilla Mint Tea Conditioner.

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