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Jules, what did your hair look like in the morning? Nice results?

I just washed my hair and applied BRHG without anything under it. Curious to see what the results are! My first hair day is usually my worst. Who knows, this just might be a HG for me. If I'm happy today, I'll get a bottle
Well, it did not come out as good as I had hoped. Kind of stringy. I get good 2nd dayhair w/ no refreshing when I use KCCC and BRHG or HESMU. It is the 3rd day I am trying to perfect. So far, what has worked best is spraying with a little water to reactivate the gel and then pineapple.
Too bad that it didn't work out as well as you hoped.

I'm actually quite pleased with my hair today. I even have a massive spiral! It's really big. My hair is nice and voluminous. I can't wait until I can get it (it's rather expensive here so I have to wait ). I used the last bit of my sample today so tomorrow I'll be back to just CJ CQ. Not looking forward to that now that I've had some great days.

When I'm out of CJ CQ, I'll get KCCC because it seems to work great for so many, especially with BRHG over it. I have to say though, BRHG on its own is not too bad!
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