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mkay...i think i may just go with a light bleach, cuz i like the color it turns when its bleached. and if i just bleach it, i will have gotten it over with. whereas with dye, i have to keep going back, keep exposing it to chemicals, and keep worrying about it possibly fading or looking nasty. and this will be after i do the honey thing for a couple months. i want to see if it will work. i know that if it does, it will be gradual, but im ok with that. and then after that subtle all-over lightening, i'll lightly bleach some thin highlights throughout my hair. and my hair's just gonna have to suck it up lol. (ill keep doing my deep conditioning treatments tho, and add protein treatments.)
and i dont know what a fatty f-layer is haha. it possible for color molecules to idk...escape? way after the bleaching process? cuz i used hydrogen peroxide like a year ago and i swear its lighter now than it was right after i bleached it. idk. correct me if im wrong. maybe the cuticle kinda stayed open?
Yes the toner can wash out with time it's particularly seen with red fading, that is generally a sign your hair is porous/ damaged, washing too frequently or using too harsh products. You can just use a blonde semi permanent toner with no peroxide to correct that, no damage.

Do not bleach even with a weak solution over the top of the parts that are already bleached, once the melanin pigment has gone and the hair is already blonde the only thing for the peroxide to work on is the structural proteins so you would be doing nothing but damage.

The other way colour can fade is UV exposure, do you wear a hat or close weave scarf religiously all spring and summer? Most deep conditioners hydrate but they don't absorb, protect or repair. Great series on deep conditioning here
THE NATURAL HAVEN: Deep Conditioning : What Ingredients in Hair Conditioner Penetrate Hair?
2a-2c, medium texture, porous/ colour treated. Three years CG, growing out mechanical and chemical damage = breakage and very high porosity. Past armpit length heading for waist.

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