My curly hair issue du jour:
Fans. Especially fans with those mister attachments that are supposed to help you cool off. Hate. Hate. HATE those godawful things. Why? Why would anyone do that? Its already humid enough that it feels Im swimming tru the air and ye had to go and mist me with a fan?!! I have to watch myself going to any outdoor restaurant/lounge. Stay away from the fan and the mist. And carry ponytails and bobbypins in every conceivable crevice lmao
Medium/fine texture, high density, normal porosity and elasticity

High humidity/high dews, so no to humectants
Current products: SM C&S and YTCukes 'poo, AOHR,
HEHH, LALPS. GF anti humidity hairspray.
Hair loves: protein, scrunching, plopping
Hates: leave-in, raking, aloe, pixie curling