Today, someone made another stupid remark about my hair. I tried ranting to my Asian friend but she just stared at me with a blank look on her face (lol)... Whoops, wrong person...

So I was complaining to one of my friends and I was like "I don't know what I should do with my hair for banquet" (it's a formal banquet my school is putting on).. And of COURSE he promptly said "you should straighten it!!" And I said, "NO! Why would I straighten it? It's curly!" And he said, "because all the girls will be curling the hair, so your hair won't be special" and I said, "not true. Curling irons don't make curls look real. Their curls will look fake. My hair is natural!" And he looked horrified and said, "well then, someone's conceited..." And stalked off.

I'm extremely annoyed at this. I'm not conceited about my hair!! I just have no desire to flatten away my beautiful natural curls into a generic flat hairstyle. And curling with a curling iron can never make straight hair look like mine!!!!


2c/3a fluctuating hair

Dyed with 100% body art quality henna, Curly Sexy Hair shampoo and conditioner, scrunched with coconut oil and Catwalk Curls Rock curl amplifier