ok so i took out my braids, then i did the egg/.mayo PT. during the whole process of washing and taking down my braids i have just too much hair in my hand. the scary thing is that within the clumps of hair i have a lot of curly hair in it. so please help me i have done protective styling,DC,PT and everything else you can think of.
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It's important to remember that you shed upwards of 150 hairs or so daily and that all of the hairs that weren't 'brushed out' are going to come out when you do detangle your hair, and if you've had your hair up in braids for a while, that could mean a few months worth of shedding is going to occur in that one day when you take them down.

But any protective style where your hair hasn't been detangled in a while is going to have a bit of shedding.

So, unless you've found distinctive bald patches, or the shedding doesn't reduce to the normal 150 or so hairs with more regular grooming (in which case a visit to the dermatologist should help clear things up), I wouldn't worry too much. HTH!