Since I have embraced my curls in late Junior High, thanks to my sister's friend who also has natural curls, I have never gotten any insults.

However, before I went natural my mother used to brush my hair everyday DRY. I'll be honest, it did look bad. But my best friend would always pet it and call it 'soft' but she'd also call if 'poofy'... which she did not mean as an insult.

There was one time my church youth group went to an event and I was sitting in front of one of the "hot, popular, athletic guys" and he yelled "get your hair away from me! It will EAT me!"

These days, I laugh at it... But I do wish I had known that my hair was naturally curly and could have done it myself.

But since those horrible first year or so of Junior High was over, I have recieved nothing but compliments on my 2C/3A hair!