Im curiose!! How do you make okra gel and which preservstives do you add? And do you keep the gel in the refrigerater after making it?
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Here is how ShellyRN does it:
" I have made couple successful batches so far with recipe as follows: 2 tblsp of Marshmallow root with 4c of distilled water and 1 full cup of horizontal sliced okra. Low boil for 30-40mins. This yield 2cups of okra gel. I then add kathymack' s portions for the preservatives and 1/4+1/8tsp of agave nectar, 1/4tsp mag flakes, 1/2 tsp of sucragel. Too chicken to try grapeseed"

A few of the preservatives you can use are potassium sorbate, Germall, or Optiphen available here:

Preservatives - Lotioncrafter - Premium Ingredients for Personal Care Products

I will keep most of mine in the fridge or freezer, but probably keep small portions out that I will be able to use up in a week or two.
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