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Originally Posted by AnnieRose View Post
I have the same problem. My hair is definitely thinner. Especially at the temples and behind the ears. I had very thick hair before and it still looks fine when I wear a wash & go but when I put my hair in a ponytail you can see my scalp through the hair at the sides!!
I should stop cowashing for a while. My problem is that I have VERY dry hair and it starts breaking when I don't condition enough. So I don't know what the best solution would be.
AnnieRose, do you prepoo every time? (Even 30 minutes before a wash makes a difference.) My hair isn't especially delicate or prone to breakage (probably because my curls aren't as tight as yours) but it is highly porous and it does get very, very dry. Especially with the sun now that summer's here. I've recently gone from prepooing once a week to twice a week to prepooing before every wash. My hair just feels more supple, soft, and responds better this way. (Detangles so much faster!) Maybe if you did this you could switch to a low poo. . . ? Also try castor oil on those areas where you see the scalp. I told my mother to do this and she's growing baby hairs at the temples. It's really filling out fast.
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