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i need hair is a complete rats nest come day 3. Like literally. The sides are fine, but the back is a huge tangled mess. I have to LOAD it with conditioner and use a claw clip to pin it up while i shower and then comb it out, and it still is just completely tangled and i lose SO much hair when combing it this from sleeping with it down? plus the wind outside? would it help if i tried pineappling at night time? any suggestions?
Could be overnight if you sleep on your back or are restless, also leaning the back of your hair against the sofa or car headrest, do you do that? Definitely try a silk or satin pillowcase or bonnet plus a pineapple.

Some people do find their hair does best with more frequent washes in order to detangle, and loading with conditioner is often recommended. You might also consider trying out different combs or just finger combing, also work from the bottom up and in small sections. I like this comb, it has two rows of teeth very widely spaced

Lastly does your hair need a trim? Dry or damaged ends can easily catch on healthy hair leading to tangles and damage further up.

ETA maybe switch to a conditioner that has more slip, the behentrimoniums are good for that as are some oils - that Fructis doesn't look like it's that great ingredients wise and the NC reviews note that it's not great for slip or detangling.
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