Well, I can tell you short hair is definitely easier to style, requires less products and a shorter dry time. For me, going short was easy as I've had shorter hair most of my life- it had only grown long the past 7 years or so out of sheer laziness. I never felt comfortable in long hair. But, since you've had long hair most of your life, it probably feels like you. I would suggest doing what you're thinking: get a good layered cut and maintain the length for now, and try to wear it in a faux bob and see if you like the length before you do the big chop. My attitude is, it's only hair and it will grow back. But then again, my hair grows really fast.

ETA: if you keep it at shoulder length, you'll still be able to pull it back. Mi e is too short to do that now. I do miss that, but there are always headbands and hats, lol.
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