I go back and forth between long (bsl) length and short bob length every few years. Both have their pluses and minuses. Short hair is a lot faster in the shower and quicker to air dry and is so easy most of the time. That being said, if it does have a day where it just doesn't cooperate and does look like crap you can't just pull it into a ponytail and call it a day, you have to just work with it. I like being able to put mine up in buns and braids etc when its long too. i always miss that when i have it short. Also it does take more trips to the salon to maintain a short hairstyle than a long one. With a short bob I have to go have it cut pretty regularly, with long hair I can go 6 months to a year with only touch ups/trims every once in a while.

I agree with your hairdresser that your hair is stunning, and I would love your curls. The length is beautiful, but if you haven't tried wearing it shorter before it could be a fun change and it does grow back, then you get to experience all the lengths in between (the good and the not so good)
~Curly, Runner, Self-confessed Nerd~

2a no product/2b-c styled
Low Porosity, Fine
No poo-SM
Co wash-VO5 kiwi lime*
Rinse out- ION EC
Leave in - Giovanni Direct then SM smoothie (ends only)
Stylers-SM souffle topped with BRHG*

Hair hates: glycerin (high dews here in TX)
Hair likes: Coconut Oil*, protein