I had an allergic reaction to Devacare, either the Onecondition or Low Poo, as I have been able to use the Ultra Defining Gel with no problems. I really like how curly the products made my hair, and I've tried alternatives, but nothing seems to curl it quite as well. I was thinking of trying the DevaCARE no poo & Onecondition instead. How do these products compare to the Devacurl line? Thanks in advance!
Fine/Thin hair (low density)
Normal porosity
Normal Elasticity

Techniques: Modified Super Soaker, plopping, pixe diffusing, clipping

Low poo: Acure, Y2Cukes
Co Wash: SNRS, Suave Tropical Coconut
Style: FSG (HG!!!!), with HETT & BRHG or Devacurl Ultra light defining Gel
PT: IAGirls Gelatin
DT: GVP CB mixed with Coconut oil, Olive Oil, Agave (or honey).

Favorite Styling tools: Devafuser, Deva clips & Flour Sack Towels