So I was lucky to find a shampoo without any cone; Dimethicone is literally everywhere! I found this HE shine shampoo, it only has a SLS, so I am feeling great after clarifying. Goodbye evil cones! I immediately conditioned with, again the only one which I found to be cone-free, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine fortifying mask, I definitely feel better! Next time, with the first co-wash, I am sure my hair will be even better!

Now I gotta find a leave-in conditioner which is CONE-FREE in a market where cones are everywhere!

A question, if I use Vatika coconut hair oil once per week as a deep deep conditioner, will it help me now? Since I guess build-ups from cones were everywhere; probably preventing from any moisturizing.
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Do you mean Herbal Essence? I'm trying to find a good plain ol' clarifiying shampoo with no cones. I bought familiar, old-school Prell--it used to be so harsh. Between being so surprised to see it still on the market and loving the clean scent so much, I missed both of the cones in the ingredient list.
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