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Default CG Method: Coconut oil while CO-washing?

So I am back to the CurlyGirl method after having a terrible experience with the "pure evil cones", my wavy/curly hair is literally breathing again, less frizz and more thick curls. Right now, I am only CO-washing (finally found a mask without cones) without any leave-in conditioner or even a low-poo cleanser (couldn't find any sulfate-free cleanser in the market, I don't live in USA or UK; suggestions wouldn't be helpful).

Anyway I have a Vatika coconut oil bottle, and I was wondering, is this useful for CO-washers? I heard about oil treatments once a week, I think my frizzy areas will benefit so much from this since it penetrates the head and etc... However I am really worried about buildups! So tell me, is it good to apply coconut oil? If yes, When? (Before CO-washing or after?), Method? A rinse-out or a leave-in? Etc...

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