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Originally Posted by Lauraimes View Post

Kathymack, I'll look into the shampoo bars, thanks! Will you let me know when you have a "verdict" about SM Curling Soufflé? I'm still thinking about getting either that or KCCC (price-wise it doesn't really matter).
Even before I bought the SM Souffle, I would have said try KCCC. I used the Souffle again today. Weather isn't great--dewpoints in the high 60's. I barely used any of the Souffle--much less then most of my jelly products. Not sure my hair absorbed the product. It's at least 8 hours and it's still not absorbed. I used a tiny amount of MD Mango li under it.

Not sure I'll try it again. I got a little tingling on my scalp. I was allergic to the original Shea Moisture li. Never figured out what it was. Don't know if I'm allergic to something in this.
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