i have to say myself that my hair was stronger and it grew very long when I used cones. I've been cg for a good year and a half now and I kinda wonder what its like to be back on cones. but im scared. so I would like to see other posters as well.
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LOL! Personally, I think my hair is better without cones but I honestly don't remember because I was transitioning you know? All I am saying is, I see many women with gorgeous curly hair and they use any products. But I know what you mean about being scared. I think because it has such a taboo label with it. If you feel your hair responded better with silicones then you should consider going back. The only issue I see is say you do, right? And one day you have extra frizz and you say: "Let me write a post on nc.com." I can see other people saying the cones are the issue thus pushing you into a cycle into considering getting off cones and transitioning that way LOL. UGHH TO BE CURLY lmao
High Porosity, Fine, Thin Density, Low Elasticity
Co-wash, leave in, and gel: Alba botanica coconut cond., ogx mousse, &/or super wet look gel.