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Six weeks is not necessarily enough time unless you are lucky enough to hit on the right products that suit your hair and local climate from day one. IMO compare the ingredients of the different conditioners especially the first five which make up the bulk of the products. Are you now using more humectants and your hair does not like them? Are you using less oils and your hair needs them? Does one contain protein and the other not? You might also test and consider the pH.

You might also try mixing - say try the Suave co-wash with the Live Clean conditioner for a week or so, if that works then the problem is your hair doesn't like the Tresemme. I'm not clear why you are blaming the switch from low-poo to no-poo when you've actually made a number of changes to your routine. I would get poufy hair from your routine, that is not enough gel and way too much towel time, but YMMV.
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