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sorry for the confusion , my hair is naturally black i didnt get a color change from the dye application at the salon, so i waited 2 weeks and then tried the textures and tones box dye from clairol which did give me a slight change from black to a dark brown, this is not the color i wanted but i figure with my hair being brown now the color i actually want (copper) will show up now so i want to know is i can wait another 2 weeks and do another application of the textures and tones or will that be too soon and will cause damage to my hair ?
You won't get copper from black without some serious peroxide either in a two step (bleach then semi permanent dye) or one step (professional type product) process, few if any commercial/ regular store box dyes will lift that far. The more shades you lift the more damage you do regardless if you do that in one process or multiple, but ALL permanent processing is damaging because it all contains peroxide.

Again do strand tests, nobody here knows what condition your hair is in or whether a third process will damage it beyond what is acceptable to you. Two weeks is not some magic time limit, hair is dead it never permanently repairs itself. To limit the damage do hydrolysed protein treatments and coconut oil soaks.
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