So I got CJ CIAB in a swap and so far I'm liking it...and by so far I mean a day, so yeah .

It's not chunky and drying the way most gels are.
It's a lot more effective than FSG or Okra...which make my hair frizzy and stringy and crunchy.
It has a light pleasant smell.
It distribute easily through my hair, which is a necessity for thick hair.
It's not crunchy!!! I keep getting products that other people refer to as medium hold and not crunchy, but on me they have super hold. This feels like medium hold to me. I'm not sure how people put it on top of gel though or use it to scrunch out crunch?

It's defining, which is nice, cause the front of my hair can be prone to being looser than the back.

I'm actually really excited to try it without a leave in. The woman on YT, who's hair looks SO much like mine, has even more success with it alone. Does anyone here use it like this, without a leave-in?

Curl Junkie CIAB Application - YouTube

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