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Fifi, how was your co-worker? Blood sugar ok?
She started feeling better after eating. Not sure if it was a fluke because she really did not eat a great deal of protein yesterday, on top of night shifts messing with you, or of it's more serious. She made a doc's apt. It's almost time for our yearly insurance physical anyway. We have to do a glucose check, so she is going to have that done a little early. Thank you for asking! I was a little concerned last night. She was loopy.

ETA: Speaking of... I always hate this insurance crap. I don't trust them. They set us up with people to draw your blood or you can to your doc. I go to my doc. He wan't extended glucose, cholesterol, etc checked yearly anyway. It seems like everyone who goes through the provided lab techs ends up with completely different results. It's bad enough I have to let them weigh and measure me and check my BP. Everyone has high blood pressure, according to them, and people who are underweight are told they are overweight. It's a scam.
My company makes us do physicals every year too. For the past two years, they've told me I was overweight, because they go strictly by that crappy BMI measurement. Everything else has been normal for me-blood pressure, glucose, etc. I'm sure it is a scam.
LadyV, I pay no attention to that crap. If I followed that stupid chart, I would look anorexic if I weighted what it said I should. My doctor even said so.

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