So some of us are a bit more on the "unnaturally curly" side. Its weird that we think about this - I do too. But LOTS of things aren't natural. Lip stick, cute sandals, nail polish - these things make me feel groomed and pulled together. I don't feel like a fake for wearing lipstick. Why is hair any different?

I wonder if my hair is "really" curly or just curling because of product. And then I wonder why I am wondering about this. Maybe it's cognitive dissonance? There isn't much about female beauty in modern society that's truly natural. Sites like this heavily promote natural beauty, then sell us one product after the other to achieve it and use photoshopped supermodels to show us what we are supposed to look like. For me, "naturally" curly is just too damn much pressure. I need gel. And a diffuser. And a microfiber towel. And conditioner. And regular trims. Etc, etc, etc.......
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