Hi, so I am new to Naturally Curly and I was wondering if anybody could help me in classifying my hair. I would greatly appreciate it!

My hair is very long, and to be honest I'm not sure the thickness...the bottom layer of my hair has a much thicker texture compared to the top. I thought my hair might be fine, but I have never had a problem growing out my hair long and its overall appearance has never been thin. Hairstylists have told me I have "thick hair" but really, I think they were talking about the volume/density of my hair.

The top layers of my hair have less defined waves and poof easily. The underneath layers of my hair have a more defined wave/curl.

I haven't begun or committed to the Curly Girl method (let's just say I didn't even know that sulfates were bad until four days ago), and I am wondering if it's the best option for people with wavy rather than curly hair. Thoughts?
I appreciate any help!
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