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sorry about your experience, i've been there as have most of us.

i would definitely write the review.
and i would not go there anymore. the method of a ouidad cut is carve and slice, so i doubt she could/would cut your hair any other way. i would stay away from ouidad stylists as this type of cut does not work for you.

i don't know how long your hair is now, but is it possible to just get a blunt cut to take off some length which would take off some of the thinner parts of your hair? and, after that, try to find a stylist who could LONG layer the top of your hair to take away the mushroom? i think i would do this in 2 steps, blunt cut -- no layers, nothing -- around bottom, live with that while researching another stylist for the top of your hair. meanwhile, hair clips, headbands, etc... we've all been there.

good luck and let us know how it goes.
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