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frustrating, Curl Queen was advertised as glycerin free, thats why I bought it. Glycerin was not listed on the bottle either. It really is trial and error....and a lot of money.
As I said in my last post humectants include propylene glycol, aloe vera and honey/ agave not simply glycerin. Both your curl junkie products are high in aloe as well as containing other humectants. You don't have to avoid all humectants, agree totally with Lynae that aloe is a much weaker humectant than glycerin.

My point was your balance may be off, you have a lot of humectants AND oils AND fatty alcohols in the curl cream which together may be overly moisturising. Not so much in the way of curl boosters, hydrolysed protein and hard hold ingredients to balance that out. It may be you only need to change out one product to get a better balance. Hair doesn't have to love or loathe or crave or be sensitive to ingredients or families, it can do well with them in moderation and within a balanced routine.

It doesn't have to be solely trial and error nor expensive either, you don't have to purchase pricey curly brands it can all be done from the drugstore and grocery store or by purchasing product 'bases' and doctoring them. Any sulphate free base or silicone free conditioner 'base' you disliked could be used up as shower gel, body lotion or shave cream. You can also purchase sample sizes from companies themselves or from KathyMack, or sell or swap your part used old products.

The key is to understand your hair properties, then understand ingredients. Look at the whole formula, especially the first five ingredients which are the bulk of the product. Quite a few of the branded lines were originally formulated with 'black' hair in mind, which tends to be dryer, less often fine and with a much stronger curl pattern than your hair is. That means moisturising products are likely are quite moisturising and some may be heavy so pick carefully.

There are excellent science-based articles on ingredients here on NC by 'curl chemist' Tonya McKay and also on the Natural Haven blog. You can also try certain ingredients by making up blends at home - glycerin, honey, gelatin, white vinegar, coconut olive and palm fruit oils are all cheap as are pH strips. A decent quality aloe vera gel or flaxseeds may be more expensive, but all of these ingredients you can use up either on your skin or in food if your hair hates them.
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