Hi friends, I'm from Element Hair. Thanks for your honest and real feedback. Really sorry to hear that a couple of people didn't like their cuts. That's certainly not how most of our customers feel, but if people have felt that way then it's real!

We do love curly hair and have many satisfied girls with curly hair, and would love the chance to talk through with you about how we can work with you and your curly hair.

If you have been unhappy with your hair please do give us a call or email (info@elementhair.com.au) or you can leave a comment on our web form (anonymously if you want! elementhair.com.au). Josephine is the girl to talk to. Jo's work regularly features in Cleo, Cosmopolitan, and Cosmopolitan Brides and she is our resident curly expert - we really care about how your hair turned out for you and want to hear from you.

We love seeing the joy on people's faces, and that 'new me' feel when they walk out of the salon with a style they really like. We've heard that from lots of our customers, that they really enjoy their hair after visiting.


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