I wrote Redgine Armand from Botanical Spirits and received this answer:

"Hi Kathy,
You may quote the explanation below

The newer one was formulated to work for all curl types. Yes with all the ingredients in the same order but with a slightly higher concentration for a medium hold. The final results will all depend on the amount used and curl type. As for the packaging; pump jars were based on the original packaging (to be discontinued). Newer packaging does not contain a pump. Which container/packaging a customer receive is totally by random. We hope that cleared up any confusions and thank you for your business."

Of course, I had to try the newer one in the jar with the pump. It's too thick to pump. I used the li--the Shea Soft Styling Creme. Took it a LONG time to dry and even long to absorb. My hair looks and feels good. Right now, the dewpoint is 64.
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