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Originally Posted by papayahed
Originally Posted by PartyHair
Originally Posted by papayahed
I'm job hunting as well. So far I've had a few phone interviews and just returned from a disasterous interview in Ohio.
Ok, now you have to spill. What happened in Ohio?
I had to drive an hour and a half from the airport to a small town.
I locked myself out of the hotel room.
I didn't get my wake up call.
The interview was akward, the guy said I know your qualified so I want to see if you'd fit in to the team and preceeded to ask bizarre questions.
The place is in the process of being built so most of my questions couldn't be answered.
We went to lunch, he took a coworker and they proceeded to talk about sports the whole time.
My flight home was delayed and I hung around the airport for about 5 hours

Wasn't my worst interview but certainly not the best.
The best way to look at that is, "Hey, it's over".

It sounds like the interviewer was somewhat inept. I'd think long and hard before accepting that position if it's offered!

Rock on with your bad self.


Be excellent to each other. ~ Abraham Lincoln

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