That's one of the only things that I already have figured out that really works for me (that, pineappling, plopping and sugar scrub to relieve itchies).
I hold my head upside down again, wet my hands, add a tiny blob of Yes to Carrots conditioner and like 3 drops of jojoba oil and then scrunch my hair for like half a minute or so. Then I flip it back, done.

I really need a bit of conditioner and oil to get the crunch out, just water or dry hands gives me frizzies. Conditioner and oil without wetting my hands first gives me frizz as well (it seems like my hands get glued to a couple of hairs then and I disrupt my curls), only wet hands and conditioner gives my hair a strange look and only wet hands and jojoba oil makes my hair greasy.

So for me it is scrunching upside down with wet hands and a bit of conditioner and jojoba oil...