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So my hair has been thinning slowly since maybe July or August . It's starting to become very noticeable and I have lost about 50% of my hair . I went to the doctor because I was worried , turns out I was iron deficient and I may have alopecia or some other autoimmune disease . I have a follow up appointment with a dermatologist In a couple weeks , I'm really excited ( weird I know , lol ) hopefully they can give me a cream of some sort to stop the hair from falling out . It's really depressing cause I'm scared to touch my hair cause everytime I do chunks of hair just fall out so easily . I'm really tired of losing hair everytime I touch it
Hi there,

Have you tried taking biotin? There are many reports and studies showing how biotin work for thinning hair and I've proven it to myself after taking biotin for a year and a half. I used to have a very thin hair and have experienced bad hair fall. My doctor included biotin in my daily supplement that I should take. Today, my hair's more healthy and looking good. No more hair fall and my scalp feels stronger. Biotin really works. If yu're unsure what biotin supplement you should take, you may checkout biotin from Hercules Vitamins.
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