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Originally Posted by curlytwirly
one thing i think i TOTALLY screwed up on was the salary...he asked me what i was looking for, i said "im flexible with salary, mainly looking for the right opportunity"...then he told me that their starting is 38K...and without thinking i said "my minimum was 35K so that sounds good"...i dont know why i said that. i left no room for negotiation. is it possible to negotiate once i get the offer...IF i get the offer?
Nerves will do that! So many people leave interviews realizing what they "should have" said. Live and learn. You can still try to negotiate, though--no harm in trying. Yes, he could remind you that he is offering more than your stated minimum. You could, however, say that after thinking through the position (and perhaps other offers, if applicable), you believe a fair salary would be X. If the 38k is reasonable to you, though, I wouldn't push it too far (after all, it is still more than you originally wanted). After you have proved yourself to the company, you should have room to further negotiate. In fact, you could ask for a six-month salary review if he doesn't budge on the initial offer.
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